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Rumor Mill: Big Shakeup to Warhammer Fantasy

Rumor Mill: Big Shakeup to Warhammer Fantasy

Games Workshop’s rumor mill is running hot and heavy with speculation about the upcoming 9th edition. Much of it revolves around the losing of certain factions as well as the creation of new ones (sounds like there might be a “Space-Marine-Esque” one coming). Also, rumor has it that the world, itself, is exploding. Gone is the old map we’ve known for so long. Instead, each portion will be its own “bubble universe” that occasionally bash together and create a place where various factions can battle.

What’re your thoughts? I know these are rumors still, but they’re supposedly from fairly reliable sources.


From the post:

You better sit down – I’m serious. Warhammer Fantasy is changing in ways you won’t believe:

We’ve been saying for months that all the accurate rumormongers are pointing/hinting at a fundamental shakeup of the Warhammer Fantasy world. The End Times series is really only the bridge to get us there.