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Rumble in the Dungeon Now Available

Dungeons tend to be just chock full of monsters. It also tends to be chock full of loot. Throw the two together and you know that there's gonna be some fights going on. That's just what's happening in Rumble in the Dungeon, now available from CMON.


In the game, you'll randomly build your dungeon using the various room and hallway tiles, put some loot in there, and then fill it with monsters. Each player will also get a set of tokens, showing which monsters they're playing as. Keep those secret, otherwise you're libel to get thrown out of the dungeon faster! On your turn, you can either move a monster or start a fight between two monsters in the same room, the loser (picked by the person who started the fight) is kicked out of the dungeon. Keep track of when each monster is thrown out. When there's only one monster left, tally up your points for your monsters (monsters staying in the dungeon longer are worth more points) and see who's the winner!

You can get your copy of Rumble in the Dungeon now.