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Ruma: Dawn of Empire RPG Kickstarter is Live

The Ruman Empire is expanding its borders. However, such borders are patrolled by all manner of savage beast and barbarian tribe. You have been tasked with patrolling this border as part of the Ruman forces. You might even spearhead an excursion to add territory. Just be careful. Ruma: Dawn of Empire is a new RPG set in a fantasy version of ancient Rome. The game is up now on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Welcome Citizen! The Ruman Empire needs your help bringing civilization to the savages.

Ruma: Dawn of Empire is a tabletop role playing game, Powered by the Apocalypse Engine, set in an alternate Roman Empire where magic and mythology exist.

Players take on roles of troops or specialists in the Ruman forces, gathered together by generals or senators into a cohort tasked with investigating or overcoming mysterious and dangerous obstacles hindering the Empire's expansion. Some will be full citizens, trained warriors or learned magi, while others may be slave gladiators or foreign skirmishers who aide the legions in their conquest.

My name is Martin Greening and this is my first Kickstarter campaign. I have backed many great games on Kickstarter over the past few years and hope to use that experience to bring forth an awesome game. I am excited to share Ruma with you, but need help with professional art, layout, and editing. Will you help me bring Ruma to life?

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. They're really close to their goal with still 32 days left.