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Rum & Bones previews first character stat card

CoolMiniOrNot posted up the first stat card for their upcoming Rum & Bones board game.


From the preview:

Hello laddies, Mr. Black here, and I've got a spoiler here for you!

Let's take a look at the card for the Wellsport Quartermaster, or Mistress in this case, MISS MAGS!

So looking at the card, let's review the information we have here:

1. The Faction Logo will appear in the left corner, showing what Faction the Hero in question belongs to. Next to that will also be their Role on the ship- in Mag's case, its Quartermaster!

Quartermasters support the rest of the Heroes and crew- they usually aren't the best fighters on your ship, but they work to make everyone else better!

2. This shows how much HP the Hero has. Take damage equal to your HP and you're KO'ed!

3. Each Hero has 3 Actions, which can be Attacks, Abilities, or Reactions. Here we see Mag's first action is an Attack, "Payday". The Coin on the far right shows how many Coins she would have to discard to use the ability- in this case, it's 0.

Now, since it's an attack, it also lists a number of dice to be rolled (in this case ), what those dice hit on (again in this case , and its range (Only a here!)

Lastly, we see Payday has the effect that, whatever its used, 1 Deployed Hero gains 1 Coin.

4. Miss Mag's second action is an Ability, Second Wind. She'll have to discard 3 Coins to use it, but when it takes effect 1 Hero gets to heal and remove any nasty Conditions they might have had!

5. Lastly, we see Miss Mag's third action is another Ability, Wellsport Fury. This one costs 3 Coin as well, but instead of healing a Hero they instead gain some bonuses to their attacks for the entire turn! Deadly!

Remember- each Hero is unique in Rum and Bones, and they all come with a variety of abilities to help you take over the enemy ship!


-Mr. Black