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Rules and Basic Tokens Out for Spectre Miniatures 28mm Modern Figures

Spectre Miniatures has posted up a new set of rules to go with their modern military miniatures. You can check out and download Spectre: Operations for free from the company's website. They've also posted up a tokens set that you can buy to help you play the game.


From the announcement:

'Spectre: Operations has been designed to reflect the reality of modern combat while still retaining fun, momentum and playability. It encourages the player to apply modern tactics to effectively command his troops, or rely on numbers and brute force to achieve the aim. It stresses the importance of the individual soldier and illustrates the many complexities of the modern battlespace. The rules can be used for operations as small team-level skirmishes to task-force sized, fully fledged combat operations.

We have also released some awesome Basic Token sets to help keep an idea of what's going on in your battle.