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Ruined City Walls available now from Sally 4th

Sally 4th gives you some dynamic options for your terrain with the release of their new ruined city walls sets.

Ruined Wall Front


From the release:

This week sees the completion of the first wave of kits in Sally 4ths Outremer Range. This range has been designed to complement Saga Crescent and the Cross, Deus Vult and other 28mm Medieval / Crusades rules.

The ruined wall sections are the pieces we have had the most enquiries about. These are the same size as a standard wall section (150mm x 100mm x 182mm high) to enable a wall section to be replaced with a ruined section once a breach has been made. The kit comes with pieces to make the large masonry blocks in the rubble. Just add your own sand or grit to complete the kit as shown in the photographs. The ruined wall sections are available as a left hand and right hand variant.
Cost £27.50 Unpainted / £30.25 Pre-painted

The Half Wall section is useful for positioning the Moorish Gateway in the centre of a double section of walling, as shown our main photograph.
Cost £10.50 Unpainted / £11.55 Pre-painted

As we have finished the first wave release we have been able to put together two deals to enable purchase of the complete set as shown in our advertising photographs at a saving of 10% over buying the models individually.

City Wall Deal (5 Towers, 4 Walls, 2 Ruined Walls, 2 Half Walls, 2 Gateways)
Cost £305.55 Unpainted / £335.60 Pre-painted
City Building Deal (8 small Middle Eastern Houses – 4 Variants)
Cost £133.20 Unpainted / £146.50 Pre-painted)

All kits made from 2mm & 3mm MDF and come with detailed instructions requiring PVA woodglue for assembly.

Wave Two releases for Outremer Range will include: Medium House, L Shaped House, Large House, Mosque, Palace and Raised Courtyard.