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RPG Gaming Table campaign up on Kickstarter

RPG Gaming Table by Jim Barnes is up on Kickstarter and looking for funding. They've actually made their goal many times over, so go check out the project.


From the campaign:

Originally I had the idea to make a game table for my gaming group. This table would be able to sit on top of another table and make better use of a small space, yet be put away when you are done play. Thus was born this table.

You may ask why we need to raise some money to create the plans, and it is a good question. Right now we have some old sketchup plans that were based off an old design, and nothing else. So to create actual plans, we will have to build a whole new table, and put the plans together, take detailed pictures, figure out a cut sheet so that the minimal amount of materials is wasted, and the best way to do the cuts without a lot of fancy equipment. So this initial money will cover the materials and time to put this all together.

Our goal here is to produce a set of designs that anyone can purchase and take and either build their own similar table, or use it as a starting point for customization. If we reach our funding goal we plan to have basic designs, a cut sheet, and suggested materials, as well as a detailed step by step directions on this.