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RPG Dice for the Visually Impaired up on Kickstarter

RPG Dice for the Visually Impaired are dice with braille numbering on them so those with visual impairments can still know what they rolled.



From the campaign:

When my group sits down for D&D every week, we gather up dice, character sheets and pencils. My friend Bekah has a few extra steps. She gets her braille-display computer, her dice tower (so she knows where the dice will land), and designates someone to read her dice for her. Bekah is visually impaired, she relies on braille for everything, from finding her classes to finding her containers of tea. This means that if she wanted to run a game she would need someone else to read her dice. Sure, there are random number generators and things like that, but that doesn't get anywhere close to actually rolling a die. She tried huge dice, but those are still hard to read, and putting braille labels on a die would just squish them.