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RPC 2011 Wargaming Demo Area

German gaming site Brueckenkopf Online will be organizing the RPC 2011 Wargaming Demo Area. From their announcement:
This year we, Brueckenkopf Online, are back at the RPC in Cologne and welcome you to the wargaming demo area, called T3G. After the success of last year with the area offering demo games for several different Wargaming systems, we got back to it and even extended it. In 2011 there are even more systems to try and the T3G will be supported by traders and distributors! An attractive and broad range of products is guaranteed! So you will not only be able to try out and participate but also to shop at the fair. Don’t miss this event! At the 7th and 8th of May the RPC 2011 “Underworlds Gate” will take place at the Koeln Messe in Cologne. Apart from wargaming there will be other fantasy hobbies like role playing games, LARP, trading card games and videogames. We invite you all, stop by and visit us at the Wargaming Demo Area. See you at the RPC 2011. Pictures from last Year: