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Royal Cup Card Game Coming to Kickstarter

Gamers seem to come in 2 forms, in my experience. There's the super-outgoing ones that will sit down with anyone and everyone for a game. Then, there's the more shy-type, who loves to game just as much as anyone else, but isn't always the best when it comes to first interactions with people. That's where Royal Cup will come in, it's a new game headed to Kickstarter that is specifically designed to break the ice.

About the game:

• It's the first game ever where you don't play the game to win, rather you play your friends. The objective is to socialize, laugh your pants off and get to know each other better.
• It's the only game where it doesn't matter if the game ends or not. It IS a game, and as such structured like one, with rules, rewards, punishments and a way to finish the game.
• You don’t need to memorize a plethora of rules either; everything you need is written on the card in front of you.
• It truly delivers its promise of pure, unadulterated fun as well as breaking the ice, helping people who are otherwise shy, reserved and perhaps a little introverted come out of their shells, get out of their comfort zones and let loose.
• The game is available in four languages: English, German, Spanish, and Persian.
• After our Kickstarter, we will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and a few other cryptocurrencies and digital assets as a payment method on our website.