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Royal Combat: Warriors of History strategy battle card game on Kickstarter

Bartl Brothers is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Royal Combat: Warriors of History strategy battle card game. Or, more appropriately, "games," since the cards can be used for more than just one game. The cards are much like regular playing cards, but instead of simply numbers and the various personalities of royalty we all know, the cards have various warriors from all throughout history on them. This changes a bit about how you play the various games.

The four games are a "Basic Battles" card game that's very similar to the game War, but you get to pick which card you play, as opposed to it being randomly drawn off the top of your deck. Next is the "Battlefield" advanced strategy game is much more like a board game in that you lay your cards out on a gridded map and have the various warriors fight one-another in order to take over a castle. This is, if you ask me, the real "meat" of this campaign. It's sort of like Stratego. The next game is your classic "Memory" game where you play cards face-down on a grid and try and remember which ones are where. Finally, the campaign talks about "Capture the Flag" but where each player is given an identity from the deck of warriors that they play as. Sure, that might be a bit more "for the kids" but hey, getting people outside and running around and throwing in a bit of history into the mix isn't a bad thing.

The "standard" pledge for a deck of the cards is $25. The campaign is set to run for another 15 days.