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Round Up of 2014 for The Ion Age

The Ion Age has been a good friend of TGN for quite some time. They've had quite a banner year and they wanted to let everyone know how things went, along with some sneak peeks into what's coming out next year. Did someone say new 15mm sci-fi skirmish rules? Or how about 2 new factions? Would more sci-fi terrain entice you? All of that and more is discussed in the post.


From the announcement:

More than doubled, more than thrice the trouble! Its been a great year for my baby brand The Ion Age. We round the year up with some awesome table shots of what we have along with some info on next annum and the last week to get the Chrimbo Bot free in all orders and our special offers.

Next year will be even more..perhaps even the biggest 15mm science fiction range in the world. A man can opera dreams! Yeah!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2015.