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Round of Fire Miniatures Skirmish Game Now Available

War games fall onto a continuum. Some are more regimented games (not meaning you use regiments of soldiers, but that they're closer to a board game), while others look to more-accurately depict an actual battle. Every game is going to fall somewhere along that line. In the case of Round of Fire, they want to be on that "actual battle" side. They do this by an innovative activation system for your figures. If you'd like to check out what this new system is capable of, you can get your own copy now.

From the release:

The Round of Fire system offers a solid base to handle the action in a small fight between a few dozen individuals, and the rules are not bound to a specific setting or scale. The distances are measured in Distance Units, that can vary depending on the miniatures scaled used. Because of this, the very same game can be played on a 3? x 3? table with 28mm miniatures, on a 2? x 2? table with 15mm miniatures or even with larger or smaller scales. The “feel” of a particular setting is instead created with the use of specific figures profiles and weapons, which will encourage players to choose the right tactics for the fight. The Core Rules presents near-future profiles and some sample profiles for fantasy and renaissance soldiers, and more expansions will follow that will cover various other settings.