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Rottenlead vidcast episode 3 posted

Episode 3 of the Rottenlead 15mm sci-fi vidcast is now available. From their announcement:
Episode 3 of Rottenlead is up on youtube. This week we cover some diverse topics including: Gruntz detail for the 15mm SCI-FI GZG Phalanx APC and Roach VTOL The price change and resin at Games Workshop Bicarbonate of Soda for Snow bases. 2000AD Judge Dread Graphic Novel Sculpting the 15mm SCI-FI Crusty Mecha, an update on where Richard is with the changes. Discussion of the Privateer Press Cryx Bane Thrall and Cryx Death Jack General other nonsense. This week it is a slightly different format trying a "Mini-Cam" for close ups – we are hoping to improve this format for the next episode.