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Rotten Plots Party Card Game Now Available

Are you a movie buff? Or do you sit around and talk movies with friends? Would you see a bean-eating movie with George Wendt? Ok, forget that last one. But if you do like movies and possibly coming up with your own movie plots, you might want to check out Rotten Plots, a new party card game that's available now.

In the game, players grab cards that list out things like Protagonist, Antagonist, First Action, Trait/Object, and Final Action. One player plays the producer for the round and spins the spinner, determining what genre of movie will be made that round. Using the cards in hand, players come up with the plot for their movie. They tell their pitch idea to the Producer who picks their favorite. Play then passes to the next person to be the producer. Continue on until one player's won five rounds.

You can pick up your copy of Rotten Plots now.