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Root Dice exotic wood dice up on Kickstarter

World Nine Goods launched a Kickstarter campaign for Root Dice, their exotic wood dice to match your player's archetype.

Root Dice


From the campaign:

What are the Root Dice?

- A set of six handmade wooden dice.
- Made from bog woods that have been preserved underground for thousands of years.
- A slim handmade case in oiled canvas and leather.
- A unique numbering system that allows you to roll anything from a D4 to a D20 using six-sided dice.

What is the Archetype Expansion?

- Complete Root Dice sets themed to match your character or design preference.
- Two of the six dice from the standard set are replaced with themed wood.
- The case color, stitching, and leather inlay are themed as well.
- 6 sets: The Warrior, The Cleric, The Rogue, The Pyro, The Marksman, and The Necromancer.