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Ronnie Renton Talks about Mantic's Plans for 2015

Mantic's very own Ronnie Renton gives us a bit of a look back at 2014, but more so, a look forward to 2015 and what they've got in store. Sounds like they'll have lots of (free) rules posted online about many of their games. Kings of War will be getting beta rules posted prior to their 2nd edition release. Mars Attacks is getting a set of rules to take it from the board game board to the miniatures gaming board, making it a proper war game. And Deadzone is going to be getting intro rules posted online, as well as a new faction coming out later this year.


From the post:

2015 will be the year of the hobby! I have never been so excited about gaming and my painting table is a colossal mess because of all the projects I have on it!

Over the next few weeks we will post a few blogs that look at each game systems Mantic has, and the projects, support and efforts each will be getting in 2015. It is a pretty amazing list! It bodes very well for everyone who has played a Mantic game and all those that want to!

Kings of War hits with new beta rules ahead of the 2nd edition, Mars Attacks gets the rules to turn it from a skirmish game into a tabletop wargame (and again available free online!) and we will have the free intro rules for Deadzone out in a few weeks, with a new race later in the year…