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RONE: Races of New Era (2nd Edition) Up On Kickstarter

Pretty much every game, over the course of time, can use a new edition. Many also look to expand to add more options to them. The RONE (Races of New Era) Kickstarter is looking to do both. The campaign is aimed to create a 2nd edition of the post-apocalyptic game and add some new factions to the game.

From the campaign:

In RONE, players are represented by their hero and play units or one-time effects (tactics) in an attempt to destroy all cards from the opponent’s deck. The number of cards in the deck and the player’s hand represent the number of health points of that player's hero. For each point of damage that the hero receives, the player has to destroy one of their cards – from the top of their deck or from their hand. Once a player loses all cards from their deck and hand they lose the game. Because each card used by a player during the game costs them a life point, players are forced to play cards as efficiently as possible so that each played card does more damage to the enemy than to themselves.

Players have to find a balance between investing in game control, which allows them to play cards more effectively, or investing in killing the enemy hero, which is the primary goal. This means that players should control their damage output wisely. One can easily feed the enemy graveyard with destroyed cards, which may turn the game completely against them - because of the recycling system which allows players to put cards from the graveyard back on the battlefield. So, instead of dealing massive amounts of damage directly to the enemy hero, waiting sometimes has its benefits.

The Kickstarter campaign's about 1/4 funded with still 26 days left to go.