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RONE 2nd Edition Relaunched on Kickstarter

Not all Kickstarters are quite the way the creators want the first time around. No matter how much planning goes into it, there's always something that doesn't quite look or work the way they'd like. Well, there's always the possibility to relaunch with the improved content. That's just what's going on with the RONE (2nd Edition) Kickstarter. The old one wasn't quite up to code, so they revamped and relaunched. This one has updated content, better graphics, and free shipping. I guess you could say it's a 2nd edition of the Kickstarter campaign, too.

From the campaign:

Races of New Era (RONE) is a strategic post-apocalyptic card game for 2 to 4 players set in a dark world full of destruction and suffering. It combines exciting and unique card game mechanisms with enormous possibilities of how to play the game.

You will recruit soldiers, battle machines, powerful hybrids and tremendous mutants into your army, then equip them with the available technologies to show your enemies who rules the new world order.

This new campaign is already more than 1/3 of the way to their goal with still 28 days to go.