Romulan Armada Ship Cards

Majestic 12 Games and Amarillo Design Bureau have created a PDF with ship cards to be used with their Romulan Armada starship combat rules.

From their announcement:

These are the PDFs for the ship sheets from the Romulan Armada product. (Romulan Armada is an expansion to the Starmadagame system, done as a joint venture between Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., and Majestic Twelve Games.) Included are ships from the Federation (Bismarck-class battlecruiser, strike cruiser, plasma-armed dreadnought, war destroyer, battle frigate, new heavy cruiser, new command cruiser, new fast cruiser, new light cruiser) General units used by all empires (armed cutter, armed priority transport, heavy freighter, mobile bases with different weapon configurations), Gorns (battlecruiser, fast battlecruiser, heavy battlecruiser, command cruiser, light cruiser, medium cruiser, strike cruiser, destroyer, battle destroyer, heavy destroyer, and dreadnought), and Romulans (Battle Hawk destroyer, Condor dreadnought, FastHawk and FireHawk heavy cruisers, King Eagle cruiser, Novahawk and RoyalHawk command cruisers, SkyHawk destroyer, Snipe frigate, SparrowHawk light cruiser, and War Eagle cruiser) and even ships built by the Klingons and sold to the Romulans (K5R destroyer, K9R dreadnought, KR cruiser, KRC command cruiser). (There are a total of 42 ship sheets.) You will need the Romulan Armada rulebook to use these ships.