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Rolljordan Running Tengu Goblin Fantasy Sports Team Kickstarter

Well, we all have heard by now that Games Workshop is going to be taking a look back at their specialist games and going to be working on them again. One of the games you hear people talking about the most is Blood Bowl. And while there are other fantasy sports games out there, some of them having to deal with medieval-rugby-football-soccer-esque systems, I'm willing to bet that when you see a new "fantasy sports team" coming out, the majority of you will be wanting to use them for Blood Bowl. Anyway, Rolljordan is running a Kickstarter for a new Tengu Goblin Team.

The campaign has many different levels that you can pledge at, depending on how you want to build your team. Do you want a lot of ogres or just one? Lots of special weapons guys or not? They're all available.

The campaign is already over their goal, so they're looking to reach stretch goals and get you some custom-made dice that go along with the team. The campaign is set to run for another 26 days.