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Rolljordan Icelanders Norse Fantasy Football Team on Indiegogo

Rolljordan is running an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund their new Icelanders Norse Fantasy Football team. Good for use in your favorite fantasy sports miniatures game, there's a variety of poses and different players available. You can check out previews below.
The campaign is set to run for another 30 days.

From the campaign:

Rolljordan miniatures has been active for over 10 years mainly as a painting service. Now we are making our own line of Fantasy Football miniatures to be used in games like Elf Bowl ™, Blood Bowl ™ and other Fantasy Football games.

In the past years we have run several successful campaigns bit under the Rolljordan line and the MK1881 Line. The company is composed of several entities such as Massimiliano Gallo our designer, Cosimo Auricchio production and sculpting, Christian Kirylo logistics, sculpting, and other freelancer artist such as Raffaele Stumpo the sculptor of this team and Chiafele Giuseppe our box art artist.