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Rolling For Amusement up on Kickstarter

Phoenix Rising Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Rolling for Amusement, their dice game where you're trying to build the best amusement park in the land. Play cards that representing the attractions for your park from your hand, then roll to see if you can actually make them. But beware, your opponents are trying to ruin your fun by playing spoiler cards of their own.

I'd name my park Wally World and have a moose as a mascot. John Candy would provide security.

From the campaign:

Rolling for Amusement is a Dice Game for 2-4 players where players compete to build the best theme park. Each player draws a combination of 5 cards from either theme deck, Blue being extreme attractions, and Green being smaller attractions. In turn order, starting with the first player, you will roll custom dice trying to match the symbols needed on the attraction you are trying to build. You may use the Clover symbols on cards in your hand to help your rolls at any time, and may re-roll the dice for a total of 3 attempts per park. Before rolling begins, your opponents can try to undermine you, and play cards from their hand that will make your attraction harder to roll. If you succeed, you can push your luck and try for more parks (and your opponents can play even more dirty tricks on you) or pass the dice and keep what you have built. If you press your luck and fail, you loose all progress you have rolled this turn.

Play continues until the desired number of rounds are over. Players add up points earned for all completed attractions, and the player with the highest point total wins!