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Roll Saga Baseball Game Up On Kickstarter

Baseball. It's the American Pastime. And being July, we're waist-deep into the season. But what if you want to bring the fun of the ballpark to your tabletop? Personally, I used to play the heck out of WotC's MLB Showdown. But that game hasn't been around for a long time. And a lot of the other baseball simulation games have these huge charts to go through. Well, Roll Saga Baseball is a new tabletop baseball game that minimizes the chart-flipping and lets you play on a game mat that's easily customized to any major league park you might want to play in.

The game puts you in the seat of owner and manager for your own professional baseball team. Pick your rosters and lineups and make decisions about coaching staff, all before you even hit the field. There are varying levels of complexity, depending on how in-depth you want to take your gaming experience. When game-time comes, use the individual player stats augmented by the umpires and other on-field situations to go play-by-play through the game.

The campaign is right around 50% funded, but still has 26 days to go in order to make up the rest of their funding.