Rogue Chess, a new way to play a classic game, up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Jun 25th, 2013

Rogue Chess is a new way to play the classic game. They’re looking for funding over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

What is Rogue Chess? In five words: Advanced Strategy Cards for Chess. In more than five words…

Rogue Chess uses cards to modify the move and capture of chess pieces. Each card is specific to a certain chess piece and when played will modify that piece’s move, capture, or add a special effect. Every round a player may use a card or move as normal. Once the card is played, the player discards it and draws a new one.

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  • Paconious

    So… Just like Knightmare Chess which has been around for 17 years?

    • Paconious

      well, Knightmare Chess is out of print. my bad…

      • Ghost

        Your words may be more accurate than intended:
        It’s like Knightmare Chess. Knightmare Chess is out of production.

        I’m on the record as saying chess variants don’t appeal to chess players (they’re already playing chess) and don’t appeal to other gamers (too much like chess). Perhaps Rogue Chess will be the exception…