Roebeast hosts Scratchbuilding Contest

By tgn_admin
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Mar 17th, 2011

Roebeast’s Magical House of Sunshine is having a Scratchbuilding Contest.

Camel Class Storage Transport

From their announcement:

In an effort to kick start my Spring Cleaning I decided to start using some of the junk I’ve accumulated over the years. So I took inspiration from Rick Priestley, took a deodorant container and glued stuff to it.

I was so happy that I’ve decided to sponsor a scratchbuilding contest based on Mr. Priestley’s concept.

Check out my blog for details.

  • If only more gamers would go through enough deodorant to make awesome terrain/vehicles like this!
    And I just threw away my last deodorant container dangit!

  • Darsc Zacal

    Well done on the design! Very nice paint job too.

  • Tommygun

    Smells like Teen spirit.

    I may try this out, though I’m a roll-on person.