Robotech RPG Tactics in final hours on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
May 20th, 2013

Robotech RPG Tactics is in their final day over on Kickstarter and has made it over $1m over the weekend.

From the latest update:

Wow, you’ve been busy in just the couple of hours that we took to recharge! The Ghost Drone Purchase Add-on has now been increased to 4x Ghost Drones.

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  • cannondaddy

    Even though I didn’t back this I’m glad this was so successful. Hopefully it turns out to be a great game and I’ll end up regretting my inaction.

    • Nightbee

      I’m not sure that I follow that logic. I don’t know your own reasons for not backing it, but I sat this one out because I didn’t care for the (effective) minimum price point, the parties involved in the campaign’s design and fulfillment, or the dated game mechanics. So, I’m actually displeased that it’s done so well, because it seems to prove that a big name property trumps such concerns.

      • I had similar reservations, particularly with the rules. I’m sure it did so well in large part due to people’s interest in the models (the going price for Robotech models and toys is pretty unbelievable).

        Anyway, too high a cost for not a high enough quality of game as shown, and I don’t have confidence in the designers no matter how far they kepy Kevin Siembada from the product.

        What I hope is that Kickstarter backers start becoming more savvy in what they decide to back (and that’s not a dig at any specific KS just a general trend). Companies designing Kickstarters are becoming super savvy at how to extract maximum value from their backers (withholding stretch rewards, making the price points “for just a little more you get…” and making the ideal price point not very attractive at first).

      • John Maddening

        Of course the property was a big part of it, but I pledged rules sight unseen due to the miniatures. The limited mechanics that we have seen seem simplistic, but Robotech should be a fast game. If it’s not what I want it to be, I’ll come up with new rules, no big deal. The minis look fantastic, and there are a ton of them for what I ended up paying.

  • WilhelmRochRedDuke

    Final numbers at close:
    5,342 Backers
    $1,442,172 pledged
    2060% of original goal!!

  • Marauder

    I’m with cannondaddy. I didn’t go in on it, but I’m glad it did well and hope it all the future success. The better it does and continues to do the more 1:300 scale Robotech figures we’ll have on the market.

    We only got a little taste of the rules, but hey, that’s really all you ever get in a kickstarter anyways. What they did present seemed at least promising (i.e. at least it had alternating activations).

    And if you don’t like the rules, but do like the figs – then just use the figs with something like “Strike Legion” or “Future War Commander”. Even if the Robotech rules are good we’ll end up using Strike Legion with them too just so we can battle it out between the Robotech and 40k universe in 6mm.