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Rob Hawkins is making a Wrath of Kings diorama

Rob Hawkins has started work on making a diorama for Wrath of Kings. This is a game I've actually been privileged enough to be helping with, so I really can't wait to see how this turns out in the end. He's only starting roughing out sections of it so far, but eventually I'm sure this is going to be totally awesome.

From his blog:

I've been commissioned by Cool Mini Or Not to build a diorama table for the upcoming release of Wrath of Kings. If you're unfamiliar, Wrath of Kings is a new miniatures game, set in the world of Arikania. There are 5 factions to play, and the miniatures look pretty sweet. (But don't take my word for it, check out their site!)

I got to see a ton of environmental art, and selected one of the more characterful cities for the set of the diorama. This project (along with a few other commissions) needs to be my main focus, so all of my personal projects have been put on the back burner. I'm going to be pretty busy between now and Gencon!