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RoarStack, The Ink-Blot Storytelling Card Game Up On Kickstarter

RoarStack is a new card game up on Kickstarter. Players use their ink-blotted cards to tell a collective story, hopefully scoring points in the process. Games can pretty much never be the same thing twice.
They've made it over their funding goal and there's still 26 days to go in the campaign.


From the campaign:

Looking for a game that exercises your creativity, visual recognition and storytelling plus will have you roaring with laughter? You've found it in RoarStack, where you connect the many things you can see in inkblots to extend a group story while potentially scoring points. It is a game which draws on your visual creativity and storytelling in new ways. You will be surprised and amused by how everyone sees something different and how quickly stories can change direction. It is a game where unexpected and sometimes insightful outcomes are to be expected.