Road Kill Corpses 28mm (Limited Edition of 80 figures)

JohnnyBorg Castings (formerly Mega Miniatures) has some new Road Kill Corpse minis available over in their webshop.



From the release:

Sold as singles or a set, some minis are as cheap as 25 cents each with the vast majority in the $1 to $2 range. This is the only release I will have in 2014.

The figures are 28mm scale, cast in white metal (tin alloy), unpainted, with a flat rate world shipping rate of $10, Paypal accepted, and a minimum order of $15 or more.

I’ve been throwing in 10 extra random minis of my choice (five human sized and five small animals) with all orders of $30 or more from now through the month of August.

Got the itch to cast something after I sold off most of Mega Miniatures assets. I’ll only be back about once a year to release something weird.