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RN Estudio Launches new Fantasy Football Indiegogo

Hut! Hut! ... Omaha! Hike!
RN Estudio has once more taken to the field of crowdfunding with a fantasy football Indiegogo campaign. Though this time they're not trying to fund one team, but four! Seems people are excited about the teams, too, since the campaign's already over 250% funded. Of course, that means extra sculpts for the various teams are being added all the time.

The four teams are the Hightouch, which are sort of a High Elves themed team. Then there's the Stampede, which is akin to goblins, but with rather large women as the "trolls" from the original list. Next are the Newzons, which is an Amazon team. Finally, there's the Eternals, which are vampires and werewolves.

The campaign is set to run for another 40 days.