RN Estudio heads to Crystal Lake

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Apr 15th, 2014

RN Estudio has a week left in their Chaos Pact Fantasy Football Indiegogo campaign. Get in on it now or you could miss out on the campaign-exclusive Jason mini.


From them to you:

Last 7 Days, last chance to get the indiegogo exclusive miniature, Jason !! Jason is a special star player with chainsaw.
Don´t mis the chance… or you can sleep more the fridays 😛

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  • AKE

    For a minute I thought this was a Kickstarter for a Friday the 13th boardgame. Now THAT I would get behind. “Jason uses the Tie You Up In a Sleeping Bag and Smashes You Against a Tree ability”.

  • Smokestack

    I would buy that game too. You could either have the players be the killers and have IP neutral versions of Freddy, Michael Meyers, Jason, Dr giggles, etc… And compete to kill off as many drug or hormone addled teens as they can…. Or you have the players be the teens and have to survive against whatever bad guy you happen to draw… Like Cabin in the woods…

    • Soulfinger

      Or it could be zombies!

  • RNestudio

    Sounds good!!!, we can try to work about a game with horror movies characters,
    we are working now in a post apocalyptic board game, you can check this album: