Rivet Wars posts up photos from CoolMiniOrNot Expo

By Polar_Bear
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May 23rd, 2013

Rivet Wars creator Ted Terranova was one of our distinguished honored guests at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo last weekend. He’s posted up photos from the show over on his Rivet Wars site.
It was a great pleasure to meet Mr. Terranova and I thank him for coming out to the show.

From the post:

Cool Mini Expo 2013 was a great event. We had so much fun playing games of Rivet Wars and teaching people how to play. People would learn how to play and then be teaching others how to play! And it was nice that someone could jump in and play without the cards and rivet costs and get going really quickly and then add those elements later to increase the strategic elements. I also enjoyed the panel on the development process of Rivet Wars. I got to show some really early protos and minis and do a nice long Q & A. Everyone was so nice and enthusiastic. I’m really excited for next year!

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  • JRacel

    I had the opportunity to speak with both Mr. Terranova and Mr. McVey at the Expo. It is hard to imagine two nicer gentlemen to spend time with discussing games and the industry.

    Ted provided a lot of insight into the development of Rivet Wars and how it has grown and improved over time. Everyone seemed to have a great time playing Rivet Wars, especially my brother that seemed attached to the demo table, and the game seems on its way to becoming a big hit. I’m very happy that I supported the Kickstarter for Rivet Wars after seeing what a great game it is. I just wish it was not still months away.

    Mike was outstanding at discussing Sedition Wars and where the game is going. The new miniatures he brought to show off what is coming in the future expansions were outstanding. I think in many ways the next wave of miniatures actually look better than the first wave, so the bar has been raised. Mike also explained that the new boxed set will work as both an expansion for the first Sedition Wars game as well as a standalone game that will not require the first box to be playable. This is a great idea since it will not matter which box you buy, it is perfectly playable on its own without forcing you to pick up the other box. This makes it so much easier for retailers and players to be able to get into the game since there is not a first game / set everyone has to buy. Mike also sat down with a group of us to play a demo of Zombicide which was really nice. He was learning the game for the first time so that it would be easier to go home and teach his kids to play. I’m looking forward to all the new Sedition Wars stuff coming out this year.

    Not to be left out, Eric Lang was at the Expo demoing his new Khaosball fantasy sports game and the Wyrd and Soda Pop Teams were doing a great job showing off their games. Eric’s game looks good and has a very different play style that will likely make a ton of money on Kickstarter later this year. Miniature Building Authority not only has great products, they put on one of the best modern warfare games anyone could want to play. Their Iraq table is always a site to be seen and constantly crowded with players.

    Overall, a great start for a new convention here in Atlanta!

    Thanks a lot CMoN Team!!!

    • I’m glad to hear you had such a good time. Everyone was working really hard to make sure the inaugural CMON Expo was fun. We wanted the expo to be a nice, casual experience where anyone could just sit down with a game designer and talk about their games for a while. We didn’t want things to feel rushed or overwhelming. “Just for the fun of it” was the tagline for the convention, and it’s what we really aimed for.

      Of course, we have about 200+ pages of notes on things to fix/improve for next year, so as good a convention as this first one was, we’re aiming to make next year’s that much better.