Rivet Wars panel

Next panel time! Rivet Wars!
We’ve got Ted Terranova, creator of a Rivet Wars.

The next stage of RW, Western Front.

Fully compatible with previous sets.

The map of Rivet world is very important in determining ally/enemy set ups.

Ruska, a sort of Russian equivalent.
Other faction is an Ottoman Empire-themed force.

Ruska wanted to have a real feel of Russian history.
Everyone loves fuzzy hats.
Color is key and comes into play.

Iconic tanks, heavy armor, less movement.
Mono wheel cavalry.
Cheap, tough infantry.
Quantity has a quality all it’s own. – Stalin.

Tesla-influenced hero for Ruska.

For the Turkish faction, a little lower tech, but an old-world kind of style.
Decoration not good for cammo, but it looked good.

Troop-transport as part of the tank.

Possibly no cavalry unit for the faction, but have two types of infantry (maybe, we hope).
Infantry who is small and compact.

Special “elite” restriction, possibly.

Other infantry would be cheaper, but plentiful.

New ways to play: urban combat, roads, bridges, ice.
Perhaps water units.
Possibly have destroy-able terrain.
Taking and holding bridges as an objective.
Grids of frozen ice on rivers to create a dynamic battlefield.

Tile sets with removable sections for the ice and bridges.

Rivet Wars: Armies, a tabletop version of the game in development. Not the main focus, the board game is still primary, but a new way to use more of your forces at once.
Build your army ahead and bring it to the tabletop.

Meant to be simple, not overly complex.
If more interest shown, more time devoted to it.
Listening to fans about the future of the project.

Continue to move forward with the tabletop game. Lots more in store.
Check out the scenario builder for lots more ways to play. Create your own and come up with your own.

Wanting to have more multi-player options as well.

Want to create a world map campaign, with special bonuses for taking and holding specific territories.
Creating “season-like” feel to continued leagues.

There would be a focus on the new armies, but the Blight and Allies certainly aren’t done. Want to release Titan Armor for all the factions.

Maybe a slower release schedule to make sure everything is done right.