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Rivet Wars Kickstarter up and running

CoolMiniOrNot launched their next Kickstarter project with Rivet Wars. It's only been up a day, and it's already more than 4x funded! Go get in on the ground floor of this next, exciting game from CMON.

I got to see the minis when I was at the CMON offices while I was down in Atlanta the other day. They are pretty awesome-looking. I really liked the walkers.

From the campaign:

A new miniatures RTS inspired boardgame. Walking tanks, crazy artillery and cool characters battle in the trenches!

Rivet Wars is a miniatures boardgame that springs forth from the warped imagination of Ted Terranova - set on a world that never quite left World War I but with crazy technology like walking tanks, diesel powered armor, unicycled vehicles and armor plated cavalry!

Don't let the cute visuals fool you, it's a world full of angst, war-torn camaraderie and dark humor.