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Riverside House Productions running Indiegogo for Titan-Tech SiegeBattles board game

Riverside House Productions is running an Indiegogo campaign for Titan-Tech SiegeBattles, their board game of giant robots, monsters and city-destruction.


From the campaign:

Giant robots and giant alien monsters battle it out through a fast-paced diceless system that's easy to understand and fun for the whole family. It also has advanced tactical layer for strategic play and a story-driven cooperative campaign.

Giant robot and monster movies have been big recently, and now Tech-Titan SiegeBattles allows you to bring that pulse-pounding action home with you.
Tech-Titan SiegeBattles is the brainchild of Carlo Marco Alfonso and Riverside House Productions, after a careful look at all other board games on the market he could seek to buy as a present. Many still required kitbashing a game area, or too complex and full of tedious dice-rolling, or simply too expensive.

SiegeBattles aims to give immense value for the player's time and money. A Basic Box for $80 already comes with two full armies. It ships with six Titan-size game figurines, multiple game mats that create a detailed cityscape, tanks, infantry, civilians, and pilot/hero characters, and of course - plenty of the signature stackable building pieces. You can now build your custom cityscape and bring it all crashing down in all-out war between humans and giant alien monsters.

The game figures are created through 3D modeling and 3D printing, for quicker and more responsive prototyping. The game contains a mix of epically huge 3" tall figurines and smaller units.

Currently, game figurines and the custom game mats have been prototyped. Funding through would go towards actual production of the game, which would involve dealing with a local toy company for mass production of the game figures as high-detail hard plastic pieces.

Since the game is intended to be sold primarily in the United States, part of the funding will be used to cover the cost of appointing someone to help distribute the game there in view of the high postage costs for international shipping. Commercial production starts two months after the project is completed.