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River Horse Previews Weapons In The Highlander Board Game

Whenever people think of the Highlander series, one particular weapon comes to mind, the sword. Immortals are only immortal as long as they've got a good head on their shoulders, and the favored way of making that such not the case is via a length of sharpened steel. Of course, each Immortal prefers a particular kind of sword, and so you've got plenty to choose from in the upcoming Highlander board game from River Horse. Check out a bit about how they'll work below.

From the preview:

Highlander would not be complete without swords. Each weapon in Highlander is unique, and slots onto your character sheet, giving you special abilities. These abilities help you either directly or indirectly during your duels.

Each immortal in a duel must roll power, the immortal that rolls highest draws a fate card and activates it. Fate cards can be bonuses to the victor or penalties to the vanquished but hidden within the fate deck is the behead card which ends the game for your foe and brings you one step closer to victory. The behead card is always shuffled back into the fate deck so as the game goes on your chances of survival get lower and lower. If you are the last immortal standing, you claim the prize and win the game!

For your best chance of winning duels, make sure you grab your weapon!