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River Horse Previews Shrikethorn For Pacific Rim: Extinction

Ok, so you've got your giant robot. But besides joyriding across the countryside (using buses as skates, because of course), what are you going to go do with it? How about fight giant monsters? Yeah, that sounds like a plan. And River Horse is showing off the first of the monsters (or Kaiju, if you will), the Shrikethorn, for Pacific Rim: Extinction, their upcoming board game.

From the post:

Erupting from the depths of the Pacific, the Kaiju have returned, and are more dangerous than ever. A category IV Kaiju, Shrikethorn can tear apart unwary opponents with its deadly tail spikes.

Engineered by the Precursors with bioluminescent bone spines, Shrikethorn’s body is adorned with razor sharp spikes which it launches with a whip of its tail, firing a salvo of lethal projectiles at its target.

Coming to Kickstarter March 12th 2018 — Pacific Rim: Extinction, the biggest miniatures game you’ll ever play!