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River Horse Previews Saber Athena For Pacific Rim: Extinction

There was more than one Jaeger that went up to fight against the Kaiju that were finding their way into our world. Saber Athena was one of them. I mean... it's a giant robot with a huge-ass sword, specializing in close-combat work. So you know I'm on board. Check out this preview for the upcoming Pacific Rim: Extinction board game coming from River Horse.

From the post:

A close-quarters combat specialist, Saber Athena is the sleekest and most elegant Jaeger ever created. With her ultra-light frame and hyper-tensile muscle strands, she can leap, tumble and kick higher and faster than any other Jaeger.

To compliment these uniquely mechrobatic combat attributes, she’s equipped with two back-mounted Ionic Twinblades that can be fused together to form a singular overcharge sword.

Coming to Kickstarter March 12th 2018 — Pacific Rim: Extinction, the biggest miniatures game you’ll ever play!