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River Horse Previews Kaiju Card From Pacific Rim: Extinction

We're regularly getting new previews of the upcoming Pacific Rim: Extinction board game coming from River Horse. We got a look at some of the mins, and then there's the Jaeger card. This time, we see what the Jaeger's well be fighting. Check out a Kaiju card.

From the post:

Kaiju Signature detected! Here, detailed information about known Kaiju is displayed. An array of highly advanced scanning technology is used to identify any incoming Kaiju and predict its size and power. The Kaiju are then given a Category from I to V.

In Pacific Rim: Extinction, the Kaiju Signature is used by the Kaiju player and has a number of gameplay relevant features as indicated:
1) Kaiju stats, including Speed, Skill, Power, Armour, and Category rating.
2) Rage counter, where the current Rage of the Kaiju is displayed.
3) Mutation slots, where offensive and defensive Mutation cards are placed.
4) Structure points, which show how much damage the Kaiju can take before it’s killed.
5) Kaiju Blue counter, where the current Kaiju Blue level is displayed.

Coming to Kickstarter March 12th 2018 — Pacific Rim: Extinction, the biggest miniatures game you’ll ever play!