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River Horse Previews Jaegar Conn-Pod For Pacific Rim: Extinction

The giant robots in Pacific Rim don't just run on their own. No, Jaegars have pilots, a pair of them in fact, that control the robot's movements. In Pacific Rim: Extinction, that element is put into play via the Conn-Pod board. Players are able to customize their robots via the pilots they put in charge. We get a look at the card and some insight into how it works in this new preview from River Horse.

From the post:

Welcome to the Conn-Pod. From here, Rangers are able to fully control their Jaegers every move. Special Drivesuits are used to interface directly with the Conn-Pod, through which the Rangers use cutting edge digital HUD and physical control technology to pilot the Jaeger.

In Pacific Rim: Extinction every Jaeger has a unique Conn-Pod which presents relevant game stats and customization slots. A number of key features are labelled in the image:
1) Jaeger stats, including Speed, Skill, Power, Armor, and Points values.
2) Ranger slots, where the Ranger Cards chosen for this battle are placed.
3) Charge counter, where the current charge of the Jaeger is displayed.
4) Ammo counter, similar to the Charge counter, this displays the current Ammo.
5) Structure points, which show how much damage the Jaeger can take before it’s destroyed.
6) Upgrade slot, where an Upgrade Card is placed. There are many different upgrades that are used to modify and customise a Jaeger.

Coming to Kickstarter March 12th 2018 — Pacific Rim: Extinction, the biggest miniatures game you’ll ever play!