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River Horse Posts New Pacific Rim: Extinction Previews

So, one thing people have been wondering about is, "we've seen some of the minis, but what will the gameplay be like in River Horse's upcoming Pacific Rim: Extinction game?" I'm glad you've asked, as River Horse has some new info out. One's over on their Facebook page, which shows off an Action card and gives a bit of a description of what's going on. The other is on their website and gives a bigger general overview of the game.

From their Facebook post:

In Pacific Rim: Extinction, players control either Jaegers or Kaiju on their turn by playing ‘Action Cards’. These represent all-out attacks, cunning tricks, solid defences, secret weapons, and everything else the machines and monsters can do!

Each miniature has a set of 6 different Action Cards, with four main features which are labelled in the image:
1) The identification, showing which model the card belongs to.
2) The title of the card, the name of the weapon or ability.
3) The action(s) you can choose to perform that turn.
4) The ‘Damage’, the effect of which varies from card to card. This represents different parts of a Jaeger or Kaiju being hit and damaged.


From their website:

Pacific Rim: Extinction is a scenario driven, tabletop miniatures strategy game of city-wide destruction and chaos of epic proportions. With fantastically detailed and painted 75mm scale miniatures of the iconic Jaegers – mechanical guardians of humanity – and Kaiju – monsters the size of mountains sent from beyond our world – it captures the spectacular conflict of the Pacific Rim universe and places it in the palm of your hands.

Players will be able to jump right into the action as either the PPDC Jaegers or the Kaiju, either in a quick play match of intense combat, or a more constructed battle with both Jaegers and Kaiju using all their skills and abilities to achieve an objective.

The goal of the game is different depending on which side you choose to fight with. As a Kaiju player, you’ll uncover a secret objective at the start of the game. To win, you’ll need to meet this objective, ideally without revealing what it is to the Jaeger player too early. As a Jaeger player, your goal is to fulfil the PPDC’s task: the protection of humanity. You’ll need to defend cities as Kaiju trample them, and take down the immense invaders.