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River Horse Posts More Pacific Rim: Extinction Mini Info

So, people are pretty excited about Pacific Rim: Extinction. I know I am (hey, I dig giant robots). We've seen some previews, but it's hard to get scale info from the figures, and what other info is there about them? Well, in this preview, we get a look. Long story short: 75-100mm tall, pre-painted.

From the post:

Pacific Rim: Extinction is played with large, detailed, pre-painted miniatures that represent the epic and towering scale of Jaegers and Kaiju. Each miniature has been modelled by highly experienced, talented artists, with full access to official Pacific Rim assets. This ensures they are completely movie accurate.

The miniatures of Pacific Rim: Extinction stand between 75-100mm tall, and close attention has been paid to bring the truly larger-than-life appeal of these huge machines and monsters straight to your tabletop!

Coming to Kickstarter March 12th 2018 — Pacific Rim: Extinction, the biggest miniatures game you’ll ever play!