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Rivals: Masters of the Deep Board Game On Kickstarter

Under the sea.
*dodges things being thrown at me as people now have that song stuck in their head*
Hey! Hey! I'm not talking about some Jamaican Crustacean here. I'm talking about Rivals: Masters of the Deep, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter where two rival groups fight below the waves for control of the rare and highly valuable mineral, Unobtainium... I mean UnderAether. But the depths of the Lurk (as the ocean is called) are a dangerous place. It's not just your opponents you have to be watchful for, but also the various creatures that live down there and sudden currents that can sweep you away.

Game Set-Up

Rivals: Masters of the Deep comes with:

- The Rivals Rulebook
- 15 Custom Game Dice
- 52 Game Hex Tiles
- 60 Tokens
- Loot Cards such as harpoons, scuttlebrute scales, kracken greaves, rayguns...
- Lurker Cards
- Event Cards
- Activation Cards
- 31 miniatures (5 Cog heroes, 5 Nautilus Heroes, 16 Nautilus and Cog Minions and 5 Creatures of the Lurk)

The game is getting close to 50% funded, and still has 29 days to go.