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Rise of the Occulites - Developer's Diary 1

Ben Boersma has posted the first Developer's Diary article for his Rise of the Occulites miniatures boardgame. Rise of the Occulites From their announcement:
The first in a series of Developer's Diaries discussing the creation of "Dawn" - Rise of the Occulites has been posted. Please feel free to follow along as different aspects of the game are discussed, read the background story and check out sketches and sample artwork for the game. The first game in the series "Dawn – Rise of the Occulites" is a miniatures boardgame. It is set in a time when the Occulite civilisation is just forming. Occulites travel from cave to cave in small tribes. Daily life is tough, with Sungems and territory being vital to a tribe’s ability to survive. The game features objectives based skirmish gameplay and sees you steer your tribe through a fully customisable campaign, but pick up and play scenarios are also on offer. Dawn uses an innovative card based action resolution system that is easy to use but difficult to master.