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Rise of the Kage WIP plastic miniatures revealed

GCT Studios has posted up a preview shot of what the plastic models for their Rise of the Kage board game will look like. The team has really been working closely with the manufacturer in order to make sure the minis are as detailed as any of the metal ones for Bushido would normally be. And remember, with the stat card deck, you can use all your Kage models in Bushido as well.

From the post:


We have been working with the manufacturer to ensure we get the highest level of detail without compromising the feel and robustness of the models. The latest samples we have received are much closer to meeting the high demands we all have. We are really pleased with how these hold up against their metal counterparts, the level of detail is quite stunning. Please note these have not been finalised yet, we have a few minor improvements we are requesting, we look forward to sharing the final products soon.