Rise of the Kage previews a new ninja

Rise of the Kage gives a look at the concept art for a new ninja over on their Facebook page.



From the site:

A master of the shadows, her cautious personality ensures her ideal mission is played out clean and without contact with the enemy.
As a worm Shizuka waited until the day before her twelth birthday to launch an attack on an adept. She had been courted for a number of worm squads over the years and as time passed many thought she wouldn’t have the stomach for it. They assumed she was destined, despite her promise, to join the ranks of the genin. Little did they know Shizuka was merely biding her time. Her waiting game paid off, she spent the time learning the strengths and weaknesses of her peers and assembled a squad she could be sure of. Her ascent to the rank of adept was painless, for her at least.