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Rise of the Kage pledge manager coming next week

GCT Studios has announced the launch of their Rise of the Kage pledge manager in one week. If you didn't get a chance to be part of their Kickstarter campaign, now you can jump in.


From the announcement:

We are delighted to announce that the pledge manager will be open during the month of November from 3pm GMT on Saturday the 1st of November. We will be using Backerkit to manage the pledges and will provide a link soon.

Existing Backers:
This will allow existing backers to manage their pledges making final selections. You can add any extras you may want that you missed during the campaign as well as upgrade your pledge level if you choose.

New Backers:
We have had a lot of interest and questions from people that missed the campaign and the answer is yes, you can jump in now and back the campaign and all of the options and offers in the KS will be available to you (except Early Birds).

This will be charged at a later date nearer to fulfilment, see the Kickstarter homepage for some of our estimates.

What's new?
We've been putting all the plans into motion and are currently finishing off some of the stretch goal artwork and sculpting required as well as preparing all manner of files for the manufacturers.

The final rules will be going to our editor this week and once returned will get layer out and once they are looking pretty we will make them available. That will also trigger the work on translations into French, German and Spanish which will be available as PDFs in the order they become available.