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Rise of the Ilu Now Available from Aegis Studios

The old gods have returned, and you could be one of them! Aegis Studios has released a new supplement for Contagion 2nd edition. It's called Rise of the Ilu. In it, it gives players the option of playing the long-missing Ilu race, or their spawn, the Ikkibu. Or, even if you don't get to play as one, there's plenty of resources for your GM to incorporate them into your game sessions.

The book is 192 pages and includes everything you need to bring these formerly-imprisoned deities to your tabletop. There's templates for creating both Ilu and Ikkibu characters, along with 13 new feats, 51 new spells (up to Magnitude 9), and new scenarios including characters ascending to godhood, or methods for the immortal to become mortal. There's also background fluff for the various Ilu factions (you didn't think that all the gods got along, did you?). There's plenty of pre-generated characters as well that a GM can just drop into a campaign.

And because why not, there's also new creatures, including dinosaurs.
Because dinosaurs.