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Rise of the Golden Mask Expansion Available For TiRoBEx

The newest expansion for TiRoBEx (which stands for Tiny Robots, Big Explosions) takes you out to the jungle. *puts on some CCR* The Expansion is called Rise of the Golden Mask and it brings you rules for new types of terrain as well as some new TRS. You can get your copy now.

From the announcement:

The Tiny Robot universe just got a little bit bigger! Based around the discovery of new ‘Jungle’ worlds, a single faction has risen from the ashes of a defunct company, unleashing some of the most specialised TRS seen yet. The new worlds themselves come with their own dangers, and rules are included for terrain that fights back, including Carnivorous Plants and Primordial Fluid. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and make use of Camouflage and advanced versions of Tyridium collection as the race to claim the precious resource expands to new heights (but not too high, or your Tiny Robot won’t reach it…!).

Rise of the Golden Mask adds eight new TRS to your games of TiRoBEx, along with new TRS abilities; including the Axolotl, who can repair itself mid-game; the Suicide Ant, which has a habit of destroying itself (along with most of the board) as it’s swansong; and the Tsur?hag?, a TRS that can almost wipe the board clean of any terrain. Along with optional rules for more volatile unrefined Tyridium, three new scenarios, and full details of the new Golden Mask faction.